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Blue Moon Officially Launches the Eighth Blue Moon Festival to Showcase All-new Clean Lifestyle

The Launch Ceremony of “Greeting the National Day on Mid-Autumn Night with Blue Moon on Hunan TV” and the eighth “Blue Moon Festival” were held smoothly on Hunan TV on 28 August. Blue Moon joined hands with Hunan TV again to create a characteristic Mid-Autumn night event at the joyous moments of the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mr ZENG Liqun, a representative of Blue Moon, the exclusive sponsor of the Mid-Autumn night, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. This has been the seventh event of the Mid-Autumn night jointly organised by Blue Moon and Hunan TV, both of which accompany thousands of families on the pleasant and peaceful festival at the time each year, said Mr ZENG.

The eighth Blue Moon Festival is officially launched

Blue Moon has held the Blue Moon Festival during each Mid-Autumn Festival since 2013. Blue Moon officially launched the eighth Blue Moon Festival seizing the opportunity for the start of shooting of the film in 2020. It will present a series of new cleaning products, send 10,000 cleaning gifts at the Mid-Autumn Festival gala, and organise online and offline interactive activities in the company of consumers on a brand-new clean journey, aiming to let everyone feel the featured Mid-Autumn blessings and experience the new cleaning lifestyle.

Mr ZENG Liqun, representative of Blue Moon, delivered a speech at the event

“Together for Life, Clean and Carefree“

Blue Moon Interprets an All-new Cleaning Lifestyle

This special year marks the peak of people’s attention and appeals to cleaning, which has developed far more than just a washing method into a lifestyle.

The theme of the eighth Blue Moon Festival in 2020 is “Together for Life, Clean and Carefree ”, which is also our commitment to consumers, said Mr ZENG Liqun. On the way of pursuing a clean lifestyle, Blue Moon has always been in consumers’ company and made them lead a clean life without worries by focusing on their demands.

Through long-term insights into consumption and research, Blue Moon has found that Chinese families are faced with common problems in cleaning such as mildew, heavy oil, yellow tinge on clothes, and incrustation. To address these problems, in combination with consumers’ home life scenes, Blue Moon has provided family consumers with full-suite household cleaning solutions, covering all aspects of life scenarios of consumers.

In this process, Blue Moon has actively practiced its mission of launching concentrated cleaning products by vigorously promoting concentrated detergents such as the Supreme Biotechnology Liquid Laundry Detergent and the Tianlu Utensil, Fruit and Vegetable Wash, and continuously facilitated the upgrading of the concentrated detergents in the industry; it has also advocated the idea of “specialised laundry detergent products to accommodate different consumer needs”, advancing the development of industrial segments; moreover, it has developed insights into the demands for consumption upgrading, launched high-quality products such as the premium liquid soap Jingxiang Amino Acid Moisturising Liquid Soap, improving the cleaning experience of consumers.

Additionally, Blue Moon has offered education and consulting on professional cleaning knowledge continuously via professional cleaning consultants and the 400 hotline; it has provided services such as door-to-door education and tutoring, and high-end clothes washing to help consumers address difficult problems in cleaning, aiming to practically guide consumers to perceive and experience the cleaning lifestyle of Blue Moon and achieve the goal of carefree cleanliness.

Celebrate Mid-Autumn and National Day Together with Two Full Moons

Greet the Mid-Autumn Festival by Sending 10,000 Gifts

Blue Moon sends its cleaning-featured Mid-Autumn blessings to audiences by providing online and offline interactive experience each year. This year is special as the Mid-Autumn Festival happens to be on the same day as the National Day after 19 years and there will be two full moons in October — one of them will be on the Mid-Autumn Festival on 1 October, and the other is the romantic Blue Moon, an astronomical phenomenon on 31 October.

Blue Moon will continue to join hands with Hunan TV this year to bring special Mid-Autumn blessings to consumers. At present, Blue Moon has launched the warm-up event in HTML5 with the theme of “ Together for Life, Clean and Carefree “. As long as consumers participate in the interaction, they will have chances to gain new products as gifts such as the Jingxiang Liquid Soap, Tianlu Utensil, Fruit and Vegetable Wash, and Volo Anti-mould Cleaner, and become the first lucky consumers to experience the new products of Blue Moon. In addition, Blue Moon has added the mini-game of “Journey to Cleaning” to its interaction particularly so that consumers can acquire knowledge about cleaning in interesting games and solve difficult problems in cleaning.

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, while watching the wonderful film about the Mid-Autumn Day, consumers can also participate in interaction by searching applet on their phones to win 10,000 new products of Blue Moon, and acquire scientific knowledge and have fun about cleaning.

Blue Moon hopes to popularise the cleaning lifestyle and facilitate the upgrading of high-quality life with the carrier of new cleaning products and premium services through the eighth Blue Moon Festival. In the future, Blue Moon will continue to serve its consumers, develop high-tech cleaning products, popularise scientific cleaning knowledge and methods, serve billions of family consumers with professional education, and guide them to the world of Blue Moon, to enjoy a clean, healthy, comfortable, respectable and delightful “Blue Moon” lifestyle, and to truly achieve “ Together for Life, Clean and Carefree “.

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